FIRST We will let you know well in advance what time we will be showing up. When we arrive, there will be a driver who will most likely be the supervisor of the crew, who you can ask any questions or concerns.

SECOND We will take inventory of your goods, and you will make sure everything is correct. The purpose of the inventory is to ensure that everything arrives to your new destination in the same condition we received it in.

THIRD After the inventory is completed, our movers will determine the correct order to load our moving truck or van and start loading it in. Each piece will be wrapped and taken from the residence to the truck.

FOURTH In order to prevent shifting of the load, the movers may bring pieces from different rooms to ensure a tight fit on the on the moving truck or van, so that items will not shift during transit.

Now get out of the way and relax while we do all of the heavy lifting for you!
We will unload the truck for you, and place your items exactly where you want it. When the move-in is complete, you'll be asked to sign off on the bill moving inventory.

Shipping a car?

Ship a car alone or with your household items.





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